The Dangers of a Leaking Pipeline

If a gas or oil pipeline breaks or experiences a leak, it could create major problems in a city as large as New York. Even if the oil or gas is contained quickly, there may be thousands of people who are impacted by it. Let’s take a look at some of the specific hazards that could occur if a pipe leak or break were to occur.

People Could Inhale Dangerous Fumes

One of the primary impacts of a gas or oil leak is the possibility that residents could inhale toxic fumes. While limited exposure to these fumes may only cause limited health impacts, being exposed to it for long periods of time could cause long-term breathing issues amongst others. If a leak were to occur on a windy day or at a time of significant pedestrian traffic, tens of thousands of people could be impacted as there may be no way to escape indoors or underground.

Oil or Gas Could Get into the Drinking Water

Pipeline testing should be done on a regular basis because a broken pipe could cause oil or gas to mix with the drinking water. In addition to impacting those near the site of the defective pipe, millions more could be impacted if that oil were to get into nearby lakes or rivers. For the most part, individuals would get sick by drinking or bathing in the water. However, it is also possible that water could ignite while coming out of a tap or out of a water fountain.

What to Do If You Have a Pipeline Issue

A gas or oil line inspection should be conducted on a regular basis to conform to the law and to maintain public safety. Working with a New York City oil and gas inspection company may make it easier to have an inspection performed properly and in an affordable and timely manner.