3 Types of Essential Oil and Gas Inspections for Industry

When you are the owner of an industrial or commercial property that makes use of one or more natural gas, oil or other types of pipelines, a professional NYC oil and gas inspection is critical. The law stipulates some of the times that these inspections are required. In other cases, an inspection can be a good idea in order to protect your financial interests or detect a small problem before it becomes a serious one.

Risk Assessment Inspections

Before you buy an industrial property, a risk assessment inspection is a good idea. This type of an inspection will inform you of potential risks or threats to the pipelines or the proposed pipelines or storage tanks that you want to install. Risk assessment inspections could also be a good idea if you have plans to tear down or build a new structure on the property.

Compliance Inspections

The law typically requires compliance inspections, usually performed by the state Environmental Protection Agency. In some cases, federal inspections might also be needed. This could be the case if your pipelines cross state lines. Compliance inspections are typically performed at regular intervals, and they may be scheduled or unscheduled by government agencies.

Storage Tank and Corrosion Inspections

Storage tank inspections may be a part of or separate from compliance inspections. You can schedule these on a voluntary basis. Checking for corrosion is key to preventing oil or natural gas leaks from the storage tanks. These inspections may also be required for real estate transactions. If you plan to add a new building or storage tank to your property, the existing tanks should be checked. These inspections are also a good idea if you have noticed a problem related to pressure regulation or an increase in leaks.