WHITESTONE, N.Y. –Insparisk has launched various new services in the engineering testing sector including commissioning inspections for new equipment being placed into service as well as National Board Authorized Inspection Agency services for companies that require an AIA for their normal course of business activities.
“We are excited to launch these new services that should allow us to compete directly in various new markets and add additional resources into a field which is presently extremely limited.  ” stated Robert Ognjenovic, VP Inspection Operations of Insparisk.
About Insparisk: 
Insparisk performs testing, inspection and certification services nationwide. Equipment owners are responsible for complying with these laws, it is essential that they hire a certified quality inspector who can ensure conformance to compliance requirements and standards. Insparisk performs inspections on boilers, elevators, building facades, fire extinguishers, backflow preventers, and more throughout the United States.
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Insparisk, a US established and based company since 1992, was founded in order to provide testing, inspection and certification services (TIC) nationwide. TIC services are performed on behalf of property owners, facility managers, insurance companies, equipment fabricators & manufacturers, which meet Federal, State & local jurisdictional requirements. With the use of the most innovative cloud mobile software technology, the company is positioned to provide efficient and precise services at superior cost competitive pricing.